Our Mini Aquaponics System

Our Mini Aquaponics system was designed to show the function of a larger system just on a small scale. This system is perfect for classrooms or even for homes or apartments. This small system works the same way a large system works just takes up a lot less space. The UV lights allow plants to grow indoors.

This is project definitely involved some trial and error. We were quite convinced the bell siphon was going to drive Mr. Jeremy insane at some points but ultimately he prevailed and we are currently growing mint and oregano in our aquaponics system that is home to 3 koi fish.

Here are a few pictures of the building project..

another day at the farm…

Last Saturday was another busy day at the farm. We worked with a number of volunteers to clear the trees that had grown over the road leading to the barn.

The farm was mostly left unused by the property owners for the last 7-10 years. It is incredible to see how nature takes back what belongs to it. The property kept beef cattle and was home to a number of horses. There are multiple fences and gates leading back to the barn where our students will be learning. Trees have grown through metal fencing, palm trees have sprouted in the middle of what used to be a dirt road, and long vines need to be cut back to make the area safe and accessible for our youngest students.

With help of volunteers our board of directors worked hard to preserve the unique beauty that is natural Florida while creating a space that is welcoming and safe for students to come and learn.

With all the extra hands at work the day’s goals were expanded to remove a few small trees from the area next to the barn where we will put a green house that will house our aquaponics system. For every tree that was removed a new tree will be planted in our food forest this weekend. The permaculture project is high on the list and after receiving a donation of 6 fruit trees we are excited to start planting.

It was great to have a few of our older students come help. While our program may not be open to students before these kids graduate seeing them smiling and working together to prepare something for their younger classmates was encouraging.

The nature around the barn is so beautiful. We found signs of wildlife everywhere, not just the farm dogs (see Mack showing us around in the picture below). There are so many learning opportunities even in a simple walk around the property. While the amount of work that needs to be done is overwhelming at times the future is full of excitement and imagining our students adventuring around and learning in nature is the motivating force behind this project.

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Cleaning Up the Old Barn

Legacy Foundation board members spent the day beginning clean up projects at the farm. On the property is an old barn. We plan to renovate this barn and use it as a maintenance barn. This is where we will keep equipment and store needed materials. There will also be an office space and a bathroom.

Huge thanks to our Clean Up Day Sponsors!

Thanks to Bin there Dump That- Eustis for the donated dumpster!

Thanks to KWI Grand Rental in Mt. Dora for the use of the skid steer!

We appreciate your support in helping us clean up the barn in preparation for opening the farm to students during the 2022-2023 school year!

Thanks to Legacy Foundation President, Jeremy Ethridge, for running the equipment and keeping everyone on task and busy working!

The day was filled with lots of work and lots of dust! In the end it was day of hard work that paid off. We are beginning to see the potential in our old barn and the excitement of the project has us all ready for what’s to come.

Even the farm dogs are excited…